Love yourself


I find it funny when I realized how much I was eager to get love from my partner. Now I see that was just a cry for loving me.

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Bad Belife Transformator

Between dream and reality, in the midst of the deep night, half asleep, I whispered positive affirmations to myself. Present with very small consciousness I noticed that affirmations I spoke on some strange way transform to negative, not by my will. I frequently use Belief Transformer (more about it in next post)but never in a destructive way.

I am happy when I have a problem. (This can be first lesson from Belief Transformer:
If I say…
I have a problem- I don’t feel good.
But If I transform this statement by…
I learn from problems and I am thankful on them– I feel much better, but as you realize it is the same situation.)

So, even I was tired I found this strange destructive transformation of affirmations like a chance to become better man and resolve something that need to be resolved.

I was again telling myself affirmation from the book The master Key by :
I am Whole; Perfect; Strong; Powerful; Loving; Harmonious & Happy and to my amazement watched these words in me turned into some ugly destructive words .

I was not clear why I do it?

Why is this happening?, I asked myself a couple of times and soon got an answer:

“I hate myself. I don’t’ deserve to be happy, I deserve only the worst!”

I found myself in a clinch with those words and I fought in vain for some time.
Then I recall: When you fighting against something you make it stronger.

Immediately I changed the tactics and approach to “I hate myself” with the acceptance and thankfulness. In an insane prayer of gratitude, on the edge of sleep, I managed to let go of destructive part within itself.

I repeated affirmation; just to be sure is everything ok:
I Am Whole; Perfect; Strong; Powerful; Loving; Harmonious & Happy

This time affirmations passed without changes.
It’s all right, I thought with relief and almost the same second feel asleep.

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I have a problem

I have a problem.

Be thankful

I can’t!


Because, then I wouldn’t have a problem anymore.

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Lucid dream- negative belief system

In order to improve my lucid dreams I work on belief system regarding them. Here is part of my work…

Ii don’t want to have lucid dreams because…

… I don’t want to be persecute – 10 (Intensity on scale from 1 to 10)l
… the suffering – 8
… of fear- what if somebody finds out -6
… my family will be hurt -6
… It was not safe for years 4
… I do not know what will happen if I start to have lucid dream again 1
… Just in case it is better not to do 0.81
… I will feel scared 0.6
… Maybe I will find out the truth that hurts 0.2
… I do not know how what will happen after all these years 0.2
… What if somebody gets hurt again 0.1

Suddenly I felt great sorry and regret for what happened sometimes long time ago.

I’m sorry and feel regret for everything that went wrong with conscious dreaming , when my mom and I suffered because we were different, and did unacceptable things for the people around us .

After a few round of tapping I feel much better. No sadness. No Regret. I just felt relief.

Yes, now I feel I can and would like to have lucid dreams.

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Lucid Dream- review/thought needed


I am writing a book about lucid dreaming: Lucid Dreamer Diary- Dreaming for Answer

I’m looking for 19 different personal dream reviews-thoughts (what-ever-kind ) that I will put before the start of each chapter.

Review should be written from a heart, not a head. The best thing is what first from heart comes to your mind 😉 Don’t make it long.

It can be something funny, sad, happy, playful, experiential, personal, whatever until is yours…

Then write name that should be written by the text. You can take any name you want, ,or example- Maria, Happy Maria, Maria 19, One that dreams playful butterfly , the one who loves Maria, who the f… is Maria

Author of reviews that will end up in book will get a dreamy postcard from New Zealand

I will receive thoughts for lucid dreaming till 5-th of January!


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Percentage of using brain and heart?

It doesn’t matter in what percentage we use our brain, the percentage of using heart is what make difference.

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Dissatisfaction with Yourself

hey, it’s never too late to start again
accept where are you now
and go where you want to be
step by step

and don’t try to cheat yourself
in the tram and the bus you can try to not pay ticket
but with yourself don do it
all will return one day, with big interest
it is unsustainable to live on credit
embrace those small steps
every day

Step by step, there are best friend
and prepare yourself that you may never get where you want
because the goal is not important
the journey is
and you can step NOW on your path

let yourself to be unpredictable
open for your inner need, but don’t hold it to tight,
to be free you must allow changes,
but the main thing is going
step by step,

At this moment you feel the result of your previous day
If you want to feel better tomorrow then start it NOW
Just start walking!

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