Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique that helps to release the accumulated emotional blocks, negative beliefs, remove or diminish physical pain and make life more enjoyable.

The magic of art lies in the fact that when we release the stuck emotions and accumulated negative energy we start a domino process of joy that often brings a change for the better at the physical plane.

The technique is also called “tapping” or “emotional acupressure”, because it consists of processes swipe at acupuncture points on the body while we are associated with certain emotions / beliefs that we want to solve.

From terminology is most popular “EFT”, which comes from the acronym from official name.

It does not matter how is it called, it is important that it work.

The three main areas of EFT application:

– Solving emotional problems and trauma
– Improving health
– Remove blocks and forward to success

EFT can be used virtually anywhere and for all.




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