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Love yourself

I find it funny when I realized how much I was eager to get love from my partner. Now I see that was just a cry for loving me. Advertisements

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Bad Belife Transformator

Between dream and reality, in the midst of the deep night, half asleep, I whispered positive affirmations to myself. Present with very small consciousness I noticed that affirmations I spoke on some strange way transform to negative, not by my … Continue reading

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I have a problem

I have a problem. Be thankful I can’t! Why? Because, then I wouldn’t have a problem anymore.

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Lucid dream- negative belief system

In order to improve my lucid dreams I work on belief system regarding them. Here is part of my work… Ii don’t want to have lucid dreams because… … I don’t want to be persecute – 10 (Intensity on scale from … Continue reading

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Lucid Dream- review/thought needed

I am writing a book about lucid dreaming: Lucid Dreamer Diary- Dreaming for Answer I’m looking for 19 different personal dream reviews-thoughts (what-ever-kind ) that I will put before the start of each chapter. Review should be written from a … Continue reading

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Percentage of using brain and heart?

It doesn’t matter in what percentage we use our brain, the percentage of using heart is what make difference.

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Dissatisfaction with Yourself

hey, it’s never too late to start again accept where are you now and go where you want to be step by step and don’t try to cheat yourself in the tram and the bus you can try to not … Continue reading

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