Inner belief system

There are lot of information how to accomplish ours goals but lot of times I don’t see one crucial one.

Are your goals align with your inner belief system?

To make it simple and short- we all have powerful subconscious. We can do all right things toward our goals on conscious- mental level, but if we are missing results that means our actions and goals are not align with our belief systems.

What is your goal?

Would you like to make one experiment?

Relax and answer next question.

Let the answer come within you, don’t answer mentally.

From 1 to 10, where 1 is very little and 10 very much, how much is true for you:

I can accomplish my goals: __________ (put your number)

When you got number, ask yourself why you have that number. Remember, dont think, do not use logic while answering- just answer and don’t judge it

example: I can accomplish my goals 3, because I don’t belief in myself.


Now you have you starting position and new goal- to reach 10 in your belief system.

You just have to find out how you can work on your inner belief system, and travel to pure 10. There are tons of different ways how you can do it; just start movineg towards solution.

When your inner belief will be align with mental goal- your goal will be manifest.

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