Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard Mack Machowizc

I enjoy a lot the book from a former Navy Seal “Mack”. “Mack” shared his reach life experience with ease and provide a tons of useful information.
The two most important one for me were:
*The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
So often I see people who desperately want to learn how to swim but only when they find themselves in deep water.
Yep, it is challenging to exercise when is all good. Only when problem push us we start to be ready to make effort for change (and want results- immediately).
If we keep practicing when is all good, we will be better prepared for bad situation that hit us.

*Train as close to reality as possible because that is only way to condition yourself to perform during a real situation.
One is reading book and understanding everything. Completely different is when we are in the real life situation. Understanding knowledge from sentence above we can start to train in more real life situations.

Thanks “Mack” for all info about Navy Seal and especially SEAL Training Hell Week.

Here you have opportunity to take a look in the book:LOOK INSIDE OF BOOK

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