Need for sweet food

I had problem to resist the sweet, and from 1 to 10 it was perfect 10 for me.


10 When I eat and I’m happy, mommy loves me
8 if I have a sweet then I’m happy
6 who knows when I will again have opportunity to eat sweet
5 I do not want to miss the feeling of sweetness in my mouth
2-4 I’m used to, it’s a part of me
1-2 I have this problem from beginning
1 I want to be happy (you were good- here’s a candy for you )

Yeah, when mam was happy and wanted to express her love to me she gave me candy.

Each time I ate sweets that just reminds me that my mom loves me. And I wanted to be loved by mom.

Need for sweet is not as much as before.
That was my story. Do you have your own?

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