Perception of Love


When they were alone one young couple worked perfectly. On the other hand, when they were with friends there would be always some stupid fight between them. Each time the girl started their drama and the boy just followed her, so soon booth of them would find them in some very bad mood.

One night it was different. The youngster was waiting his girl to make a scene, but to his surprise, his girl had a great time and she was acting normal, like when they are on their own.

However, soon they had an argument. This time, not knowing why, the young man began to make a scene and spoil their dinner with friend. The habit of the clash and his expectation of ruing dinner was so strong, so he was easily drawn to start the drama. This time the actors just swapped roles.

Boy and girl shared the same subconscious understanding of love which they manifested each time through fight and making drama. They learned about love in childhood from their parents. Fortunately, soon they started to change their perception of love.

It is normal to put blame on our parents when we are young, but it one moment we have to stop doing that and start process of forgiveness and finally take full responsibility into our own hands.

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