Bad Belife Transformator

Between dream and reality, in the midst of the deep night, half asleep, I whispered positive affirmations to myself. Present with very small consciousness I noticed that affirmations I spoke on some strange way transform to negative, not by my will. I frequently use Belief Transformer (more about it in next post)but never in a destructive way.

I am happy when I have a problem. (This can be first lesson from Belief Transformer:
If I say…
I have a problem- I don’t feel good.
But If I transform this statement by…
I learn from problems and I am thankful on them– I feel much better, but as you realize it is the same situation.)

So, even I was tired I found this strange destructive transformation of affirmations like a chance to become better man and resolve something that need to be resolved.

I was again telling myself affirmation from the book The master Key by :
I am Whole; Perfect; Strong; Powerful; Loving; Harmonious & Happy and to my amazement watched these words in me turned into some ugly destructive words .

I was not clear why I do it?

Why is this happening?, I asked myself a couple of times and soon got an answer:

“I hate myself. I don’t’ deserve to be happy, I deserve only the worst!”

I found myself in a clinch with those words and I fought in vain for some time.
Then I recall: When you fighting against something you make it stronger.

Immediately I changed the tactics and approach to “I hate myself” with the acceptance and thankfulness. In an insane prayer of gratitude, on the edge of sleep, I managed to let go of destructive part within itself.

I repeated affirmation; just to be sure is everything ok:
I Am Whole; Perfect; Strong; Powerful; Loving; Harmonious & Happy

This time affirmations passed without changes.
It’s all right, I thought with relief and almost the same second feel asleep.

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