Lucid dream- negative belief system

In order to improve my lucid dreams I work on belief system regarding them. Here is part of my work…

Ii don’t want to have lucid dreams because…

… I don’t want to be persecute – 10 (Intensity on scale from 1 to 10)l
… the suffering – 8
… of fear- what if somebody finds out -6
… my family will be hurt -6
… It was not safe for years 4
… I do not know what will happen if I start to have lucid dream again 1
… Just in case it is better not to do 0.81
… I will feel scared 0.6
… Maybe I will find out the truth that hurts 0.2
… I do not know how what will happen after all these years 0.2
… What if somebody gets hurt again 0.1

Suddenly I felt great sorry and regret for what happened sometimes long time ago.

I’m sorry and feel regret for everything that went wrong with conscious dreaming , when my mom and I suffered because we were different, and did unacceptable things for the people around us .

After a few round of tapping I feel much better. No sadness. No Regret. I just felt relief.

Yes, now I feel I can and would like to have lucid dreams.

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