Lucid Dream- review/thought needed


I am writing a book about lucid dreaming: Lucid Dreamer Diary- Dreaming for Answer

I’m looking for 19 different personal dream reviews-thoughts (what-ever-kind ) that I will put before the start of each chapter.

Review should be written from a heart, not a head. The best thing is what first from heart comes to your mind 😉 Don’t make it long.

It can be something funny, sad, happy, playful, experiential, personal, whatever until is yours…

Then write name that should be written by the text. You can take any name you want, ,or example- Maria, Happy Maria, Maria 19, One that dreams playful butterfly , the one who loves Maria, who the f… is Maria

Author of reviews that will end up in book will get a dreamy postcard from New Zealand

I will receive thoughts for lucid dreaming till 5-th of January!


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