Dissatisfaction with Yourself

hey, it’s never too late to start again
accept where are you now
and go where you want to be
step by step

and don’t try to cheat yourself
in the tram and the bus you can try to not pay ticket
but with yourself don do it
all will return one day, with big interest
it is unsustainable to live on credit
embrace those small steps
every day

Step by step, there are best friend
and prepare yourself that you may never get where you want
because the goal is not important
the journey is
and you can step NOW on your path

let yourself to be unpredictable
open for your inner need, but don’t hold it to tight,
to be free you must allow changes,
but the main thing is going
step by step,

At this moment you feel the result of your previous day
If you want to feel better tomorrow then start it NOW
Just start walking!

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