Past life experience

Sometimes during treatment can pop-up memories that are not from this life. EFT goal is not to determine from where they came from and are they true. EFT goal is to release all negative emotions that go together with memories.

First time I saw this might happen was my own experience. My problem was that I felt responsible for my mother. When asked from practitioner: When did you start to feel responsible for your mother? I answered- I was always responsible for her.

Practitioner: When you were born, were you still responsible for her?
Me: Yes.
Practitioner: When did you start to become responsible for her?
Me: I don’t know.
Practitioner: Just guess. Don’t think. When did you start to become responsible for her?
Me: 150 years ago (the number just came on my mind, and some strange feeling it is ok to say it)
Practitioner: What happened 150 years ago?
Me (I saw some picture, film, with father and daughter, and realize that daughter is my mom, and I was in father roll. I made some mistakes what end up with big problems for my daughter (mom). I was responsible for her, but I failed.
After going through EFT process I felt relax and fill no more responsibility for my mom.

Those memories that shown up were great opportunity to resolve lot of issue I had, but didn’t know where they came from.

It doesn’t matter was those memories from past life or not. It really doesn’t matter. What matter is that I had opportunity to solve lot of problems, and reset myself on new frequency, ready to go healthier through life.

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