Where can EFT help?

There are three main areas of EFT application:

– Resolving emotional problems and trauma
– Improving health
– Remove blockages and safe way to success

But, in reality EFT can be used for anything and for all.

I use it on 3 basic levels. The first is PREVENTION, second FIRE FIGHT and third one is TAKE AWAY ROOT.

What does that mean?

When I am ok, but listening about “bad things”- hearing heavy problems, hard life stories, watching on tv something that provokes emotions… I tap on karate chop, or just hold it and make pressure on that point.

When I feel strong emotion in moment, something like… I am angry, sad, afraid … I use EFT immediately to bring myself into balance and restore peace.

Use EFT in depth. Searching, finding and removing the root of the problem ;).

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