What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful technique that helps to release accumulated emotional blockages, negative beliefs, eliminate or reduce physical pain and make life more enjoyable.

The magic of art is that when we free the stuck emotions and accumulated negative energy we start a domino process of joy in daily life that often bring a change for the better also on the physical plane.

The technique is also called “tapping” or emotional acupressure, because it is process of tapping with fingers on acupuncture points on the body while we are connected with certain emotions / beliefs that we want to release.

From terminology the most popular is “EFT”, which is an abbreviation from Emotional Freedom Technique.

It is not important how you will call it, it is important HOW you will use it.

Although, on this site main goal is not to provide info how to use EFT, but to share others stories that might help you walk through your life and inspire you finding the best way that matches you.

Love and acceptance!

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