Inner belief system

There are lot of information how to accomplish ours goals but lot of times I don’t see one crucial one.

Are your goals align with your inner belief system?

To make it simple and short- we all have powerful subconscious. We can do all right things toward our goals on conscious- mental level, but if we are missing results that means our actions and goals are not align with our belief systems.

What is your goal?

Would you like to make one experiment?

Relax and answer next question.

Let the answer come within you, don’t answer mentally.

From 1 to 10, where 1 is very little and 10 very much, how much is true for you:

I can accomplish my goals: __________ (put your number)

When you got number, ask yourself why you have that number. Remember, dont think, do not use logic while answering- just answer and don’t judge it

example: I can accomplish my goals 3, because I don’t belief in myself.


Now you have you starting position and new goal- to reach 10 in your belief system.

You just have to find out how you can work on your inner belief system, and travel to pure 10. There are tons of different ways how you can do it; just start movineg towards solution.

When your inner belief will be align with mental goal- your goal will be manifest.

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Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard Mack Machowizc

I enjoy a lot the book from a former Navy Seal “Mack”. “Mack” shared his reach life experience with ease and provide a tons of useful information.
The two most important one for me were:
*The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
So often I see people who desperately want to learn how to swim but only when they find themselves in deep water.
Yep, it is challenging to exercise when is all good. Only when problem push us we start to be ready to make effort for change (and want results- immediately).
If we keep practicing when is all good, we will be better prepared for bad situation that hit us.

*Train as close to reality as possible because that is only way to condition yourself to perform during a real situation.
One is reading book and understanding everything. Completely different is when we are in the real life situation. Understanding knowledge from sentence above we can start to train in more real life situations.

Thanks “Mack” for all info about Navy Seal and especially SEAL Training Hell Week.

Here you have opportunity to take a look in the book:LOOK INSIDE OF BOOK

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never surrender your soul

Now I am in Queenstown, New Zealand, and have to write a blog post about a book Never surrender your soul .

It will be little Tricky cause I am writing this on cell phone, but leta startet.

Brian Michel wrote a nice inspirative book about his Experience how he manage to make his life easier and won battle against his bad mood, bad past and bad habits.

While reading Brians book I got a feeling like I am drinking coffe with him and have a very interesting talk.

For me this book is a great reminder that there is no final solution and that we have to findfind our own way.

Brian is for sure following his way.

Hope youyou are doing the samesame.

More about author you can find on

His book you can find on kindle for 2,99$.


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I do not believe in myself

I believe that everyone can succeed except myself..

I do not believe in myself:

Million- because it is true
100.000- not know why but that’s the way it is
100 – because I do not trust
88 – I do not want to believe in myself
10 – because it has always been that way

After a new round of tapping great sadness appear.

Million- I’m sad because I’ve lost faith and given up from myself
100,000- I ‘m sad because I’ve lost faith in God

Then the sadness was replaced by hatred.

I hate myself because I gave up love and I will never forgive myself for that.
I am sad because of what I’ve done to the others .
I am sad because of what I did to myself .

I’m sorry for everything.

I forgive to all and hope I learned something about all this .

Yes, I believe in myself.

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Need for sweet food

I had problem to resist the sweet, and from 1 to 10 it was perfect 10 for me.


10 When I eat and I’m happy, mommy loves me
8 if I have a sweet then I’m happy
6 who knows when I will again have opportunity to eat sweet
5 I do not want to miss the feeling of sweetness in my mouth
2-4 I’m used to, it’s a part of me
1-2 I have this problem from beginning
1 I want to be happy (you were good- here’s a candy for you )

Yeah, when mam was happy and wanted to express her love to me she gave me candy.

Each time I ate sweets that just reminds me that my mom loves me. And I wanted to be loved by mom.

Need for sweet is not as much as before.
That was my story. Do you have your own?

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Perception of Love


When they were alone one young couple worked perfectly. On the other hand, when they were with friends there would be always some stupid fight between them. Each time the girl started their drama and the boy just followed her, so soon booth of them would find them in some very bad mood.

One night it was different. The youngster was waiting his girl to make a scene, but to his surprise, his girl had a great time and she was acting normal, like when they are on their own.

However, soon they had an argument. This time, not knowing why, the young man began to make a scene and spoil their dinner with friend. The habit of the clash and his expectation of ruing dinner was so strong, so he was easily drawn to start the drama. This time the actors just swapped roles.

Boy and girl shared the same subconscious understanding of love which they manifested each time through fight and making drama. They learned about love in childhood from their parents. Fortunately, soon they started to change their perception of love.

It is normal to put blame on our parents when we are young, but it one moment we have to stop doing that and start process of forgiveness and finally take full responsibility into our own hands.

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Change the world

If you want to change the world, change the way you lookinghowyouseetheworld

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